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CertificatE Requirements

CPA Training and Certificates

CPA finds it roots in more than 20 years of training for sport, play and recreation surfaces performance that includes the use of all of the test devices provided by CPA and others in developing compliance with relevant Standards. Training covers history of various aspects injury prevention, relevant standard around the world and use of the test devices. Critical to the training is the capture and recording of the information required by Standards utilizing forms and software provided under license to users by CPA.

Operators of the Triax2000, Triax2010 or Triax 2015 and Accessories

The following is a list of persons who have completed the training provided by Canadian Playground Advisory Inc., under section 7 of ASTMF1292 and the accessories and devices provided by CPA. This is a voluntary list of persons who have agreed to perform inspections to ASTM F12192 and appear on this website. Other persons may offer services for testing to ASTM F1292 and they should be able to provide you with a copy of a certificate of training and certificate number that can be verified by contacting Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. The person performing the test must also be able to demonstrate they have a Triax2000, Triax2010 or Triax 2015 within current calibration and the ASTM F1929 test procedure is being followed. They shall be able to confirm they have perform their prior to use test on the EVERPLAY provided reference pad. The person performing the testing may be using their own test report format or the software reporting forms provided by Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. to ensure consistency.

This list is being provided as a service to the user and is not to be considered an endorsement of the persons or the agencies they represent and no warranties as to quality of end product or service is provided. Any person become aware of misuse or testing or reports that do not conform to ASTM F1292 are welcome to forward their concerns to Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. and Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. will, at their selection, take the action that they deem appropriate and there is no recourse for the user or the participant of this list.

ProvinceNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
AlbertaSheldon DavidCity of Calgary18/1/
AlbertaJason SimitukQuatnum
AlbertaWayne BaptistC16587-215-3376
ProvinceNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
ManitobaJonathan PennerJD Penner Ltd.22/7/
ProvinceNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
New BrunswickLaurent BujoldDistrict scholars 5 L’Etoile du Nord31/5/
New BrunswickKevin ArseneauDistrict Scolaire 9 Peninsule Acadienne31/5/
ProvinceNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
OntarioJim SandersPlaychek Services Inc25/3/
OntarioRolf HuberCanadian Playground Advisory Inc5/4/
OntarioJonathan HuberCanadian Playground Advisory Inc2/4/
OntarioAdam HuberCanadian Playground Advisory Inc15/10/
OntarioRobin HorsfordPegasus Playground Services Inc.16/1/
OntarioPeter KellsGrace-Kells Consultant15/3/
OntarioDoug WhiteAt Home & Play14/9/
ProvinceNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
QuebecSylvie MelsbachRCPEM 18/4/2007
QuebecNancy SandersConception Paysage Inc.18/4/
QuebecChristine GuindonConception Paysage Inc.5/10/
QuebecAnne-Marie LafontaineBeaupre Associes31/5/
QuebecAnouar BouzirBeaupre Associes31/5/2013C507450-963-2220
QuebecJosee LafreniereBeaupre Associes31/5/2013C508450-963-2220
QuebecMarie-Josee LarocqueVille de Gatineau31/5/
QuebecKaren PoupartAecom25/8/
QuebecChristine BaronConseil Sport Loisire de L’Estrie25/8/
QuebecSoniaa Branconnie25/8/
QuebecRaymond Nault25/8/
QuebecAndre EmondMeta Forme Paysages18/4/
QuebecAnnie GrenonGrenon-Hogue Ass.18/4/2007C205819
ProvinceNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
Vancouver IslandGlynnis SchwanVancouver Island Health Authority1/6/
ProvinceNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
North AmericaValerie PaquetteLabosport25/8/2015C657514-277-9111
North AmericaDavid Olivier GelinasLabosport25/8/2015C658514-277-9111
North AmericaThomas AmadeiLabosport25/8/2015C659514-277-9111
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
CaliforniaDoug EversPlayground Risk Solutions21/
CaliforniaCurt WearCommunity Playgrounds Inc.23/10/2008C278,
CaliforniaDavid BrownCommunity Playgrounds Inc.10/3/
CaliforniaTodd LarudeeCommunity Playgrounds Inc.10/3/
CaliforniaBill BagshawCommunity Playgrounds Inc.10/3/
CaliforniaClayton CowperthwaitCommunity Playgrounds Inc.10/3/
CaliforniaCraig FaitelSafe2Play10/3/
CaliforniaJamey ClarkSafe Park Services16/9/
CaliforniaCharles (Chuck) FroemingSafe Park Services16/9/2013C530949-588-9692
CaliforniaGary GroshonPark Safety Analyst12/3/
CaliforniaDavid SpeasePark Safety Analyst12/3/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
California SouthernJim SteinInspector Playground23/11/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
FloridaKeith NelsonEmployers Mutual, Inc.28/4/2008C253
FloridaWayne SimpsonEmployers Mutual, Inc.28/4/
FloridaTy AllenRock Solid13/7/
FloridaPeter CopemanCounty of Indian River School District22/2/
FloridaScott GangerCounty of Indian River School District22/2/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
GeorgiaBarry McMilleonPlayitsafe2day, Inc.24/3/
GeorgiaTanya McMilleonPlayitsafe2day, Inc.24/3/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
Great Plains & MidwestAntonio MalkusakAbundant Playscapes, Inc.28/12/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
HawaiiIan RossIPR Hawaii23/7/
HawaiiDarren MartinezIPR Hawaii23/7/
HawaiiPeter HopleyAT3 Inc25/8/
HawaiiJoseph GravesHawaii Testing LLC16/1/2014C535808-497-6793
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
IllinoisElaine ShermanParity Inc.17/2/2003C42630-697-6207
IllinoisWalter H FloodFlood Test Laboratories22/9/
IllinoisWalter H. Flood IVFlood Test Laboratories22/9/
IllinoisMichael TicichFlood Test Laboratories22/9/2014C606773-721-2200
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
MarylandJeff CliseAltantic Hurricane7/4/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
MissouriJack FryFry & Associates Inc.7/1/
MissouriKevin MarshallFry & Associates Inc.7/1/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
NevadaCharles RobertsonCharles Robertson14/4/2009C301702
NevadaBrian RobertsonCharles Robertson14/4/2009C300702
NevadaPeter AxelsonPeter Axelson3/6/
NevadaHarvie KeithPeter Axelson3/6/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
New EnglandJohn LaRueJ.P. LaRue, Inc31/3/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
New MexicoMark McEwenBalance-Safety1/10/
New MexicoKelly McEwenBalance-Safety1/10/
New MexicoTerry BoningPlay-Safe LLC18/
New MexicoCherie DeFillippoPlay-Safe LLC18/
New MexicoSam “Butch” DeFillippoPlay-Safe LLC18/
New MexicoP.Duke DeFillippoPlay-Safe LLC18/
New MexicoNancy WhitePlay-Safe LLC18/
New MexicoSam Chris DeFillippoPlay-Safe LLC21/9/
New MexicoCraig KelseyPlay-Safe LLC21/9/
New MexicoBrett BoningPlay-Safe LLC18/5/
New MexicoBrian CoxPlay-Safe LLC23/11/
New MexicoBrad A. VillanuevaPlay-Safe LLC23/11/
New MexicoStan FordPlay-Safe LLC3/9/
New MexicoChristopher OrlandoPlay-Safe LLC23/11/
New MexicoNancy BoningPlay-Safe LLC1/5/
New MexicoPeter TierneyExscapes LLC4/6/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
OhioJim FeterleNakai Surfacing Inc.24/3/
OhioJo FeterleNakai Surfacing Inc.24/3/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
PennsylvaniaErich EisenhartPlay Safe Surface testing2/10/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
TexasRobert DavisGrounds for Play3/10/
TexasMichael MartiniGrounds for Play3/10/
TexasKatie McDanielGrounds for Play3/10/
TexasEric StricklandGrounds for Play3/10/
TexasJason RainesGrounds for Play3/10/2010C479800-552-7529
TexasRobert AhrensPark Place Recreation Designs Inc.28/9/
TexasAndy Ahrens Park Place Recreation Designs Inc.28/9/2011C414, C415,
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
VirginiaScott DuBoisSouthern Playground28/2/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
USAJennifer SkulskiNational Center on Accessibility22/8/
USARyan TeeterLDD Sports29/3/
USAJeffrey GentileSportsLabs USA1/4/
USAMichael GentileSportsLabs USA1/4/
USAAndrew RothSportsLabs USA1/4/
USAMark KovasSportsLabs USA1/4/
USAKieran O’DonnelSportsLabs USA1/4/
StateNameAgencyCert. DateCertificatesPhoneEmail
USA / Europe / OceaniaKieran O’DonnelSportsLabs USA1/4/
USA / Europe / OceaniaDavid O’BrienPark Safety Analyst12/3/
USA / Europe / OceaniaJames Demiitre-GroshonPark Safety Analyst12/3/
CountryNameAgencyCert. DateCerticicatePhoneEmail
AustraliaBrett FiedlerPlayground Services Australia8/6/2013C51361-0499 976
AustraliaPeter DaveyUltimate Play8/5/2019C865
AustraliaLenny GowAAA Playspaces23/2/
AustraliaMichele GowAAA Playspaces5/8/2019C857
AustraliaCraig SchoppChoose Safety5/8/2019C585Craig Schopp
AustraliaMichelle ApplegateSafePlay Australia5/8/
AustraliaGlen ThawleySafePlay Australia5/8/
AustraliaScott WaltonBespoke Playground5/8/
AustraliaJustin KaesePlayForce6/8/
AustraliaLuke ArchboldPlayForce6/8/2019C873
AustraliaDeon KoelmeyerPlayForce6/8/2019C874
AustraliaDaniel MononeyPlayForce6/8/2019C875
CountryNameAgencyCert. DateCerticicatePhoneEmail
JapanYozo HosakaHasegawa Sport Facilities4/12/2012C48361-0499 976 383
JapanYuta UciyadaHasegawa Sport Facilities4/12/2012C484
JapanKentarou YanoYokohama Rubber Surfacing4/12/2012C485
JapanHirokatu AmanoSampouRyochuchi Co4/12/2012C486
JapanSatoru YanagidaItech Corporation4/12/2012C488
JapanShin KurataItech Corporation4/12/2012C489
JapanRyo KurataItech Corporation4/12/2012C490
JapanTakuya NemotoItech Corporation4/12/2012C491
CountryNameAgencyCert. DateCerticicatePhoneEmail
MalaysiaJessie SeowGreenhill Industries Sdn Bhd28/6/2016C692+60
CountryNameAgencyCert. DateCerticicatePhoneEmail
New ZealandAdam StridePark Supplies Company Ltd.25/4/
CountryNameAgencyCert. DateCerticicatePhoneEmail
SingaporeTeng Hui HongGorica Asia25/11/2011C425+65
SingaporeLam Siew ChongGorica Asia25/11/2011C428+65
SingaporeGoh Tian KweeGorica Asia25/11/2011C427+65
SingaporeLim Kia LunGorica Asia25/11/2011C428+65
SingaporeOng King HongRSC Play Safety Auditing Services LLP25/11/2011C421+65
SingaporeOng Chuan AnnRSC Play Safety Auditing Services LLP25/11/2011C422+65
SingaporeOng Siew ChongRSC Play Safety Auditing Services LLP25/11/2011C423+65
SingaporeOng Yong ZhengRSC Play Safety Auditing Services LLP25/11/2011C424+65
SingaporeChua Peck Cheong, PatrickSingapore Test Lab Pte Ltd5/8/2019C870+65 9363
SingaporeMARUKI Bin MohamedSingapore Test Lab Pte Ltd5/8/2019C871+65 9363
CountryNameAgencyCert. DateCerticicatePhoneEmail
TaiwanJerery WangSGS Taiwan Ltd.17/10/2008C276886 (2)

Accuracy Through Compliance to Standards & Testing