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Canadian Playground Advisory Test Devices

for Accurate Surface Measurement of Athletic, Recreation and Play Surfaces

Canadian Playground Advisory

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. (CPA) is a manufacturer and purveyor of Test Devices that are rooted in National and International standards and when coupled with the training and recording software provided with the various test devices a user will be able to improve play and athletic performance and prevent injuries that could be crippling or life-threatening. CPA offers inspections and testing certificates for various play, recreation and athletic surfaces as well as discussions of risk of injury for designs, products and services that are not covered by the prescriptive parts of standards. CPA also offers consulting services for the writing of performance and injury prevention specifications.



CPA provides inspections of playgrounds, sports fields and athletic surfaces to CSA and ASTM Standards and Best Management Practices and White Papers...

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CSA and ASTM Standards require compliance to performance requirements for the prevention of injury.

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Documentation is a key element to Inspection and compliance testing. CPA provides recording software and forms that allow the trained inspector and user of the test devices and gauges from CPA to accurately record data. Recording of data is particularly important where records of injury prevention are used to prove compliance with regulations and confirm compliance with standards in litigation.


Sport, Recreation and Play are constantly challenging the prescriptive aspect of standards with changes in technology and designs that increase performance and challenge...

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CPA finds it roots in more than 20 years of training for sport, play and recreation surfaces performance that includes the use of all of the test devices provided by CPA and others in developing compliance with relevant Standards.

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Accuracy Through Compliance to Standards & Testing