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Vertical Change in Level

Allows users to test accessible routes within the DOJ 2010
ADA Standards or the accessible route in CSA Z614.

CPA Vertical Depth Gauge

Developed and manufactured by CPA.
The 3 Prong Depth Gauge allows the penetration
rods to extend 150mm (6") on multiple surface types.

Canadian Playground Advisory Test Devices

for Accurate Surface Measurement of Athletic, Recreation and Play Surfaces

Who is Canadian Playground Advisory

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has developed expertise in the above fields of playground, recreation and athletic surfacing through exposure to training in Europe (Germany, Switzerland and France) starting in 1981 in the physical, chemical and material techniques of athletic and recreational surfaces. This has been further enhanced with the principal having direct senior management relationships with products and companies such as Romaflex, Elastocrete, Sportbau Canada, Everplay and Elastech Products.

These companies have been leaders in their respective fields and have developed and advanced the state of the art in many technologies. These companies continue to be a resource to Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. as do many others developed through networking relationships. This extends to affiliates Alpha Automation Inc. and Playground Clearing House, USA, Inc.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. has team of people ready to lend their expertise in the various experiences to provide a complete package of knowledge and expertise. Canadian Playground Advisory has through the need to measure requirements in standards accurately, manufacture test devices that can be used in a large number of Standards around the world. This is coupled with the development and provision of reporting forms and software that people participating in the training provided by Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. use under license.

Accuracy Through Compliance to Standards & Testing


Canadian Playground Advisory

1097 West River Rd.
Cambridge, Ontario
N1R 5S5
T: 416-410-7506