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Performing Reference Drops is as Important as Calibration

January 2021

Performing the reference drops in preparation for testing surfacing in the field is an essential step in the testing process. It is somewhat understandable for those with a TRIAX Impact Testing System who have become used to the reliability of the devices to trust the continued operation, but this is not a reason to become complacent.

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EVERPLAY sets a New First Testing to ASTM F3351

Volume 22, Issue 1 January 2020

ASTM F3351-20 Standard Test Method for Playground Surface Impact Testing in Laboratory at Specified Height is the latest testing from ASTM that allows owners to request surfaces that perform better than the ASTM F1292 “critical height” and failure. Download the PDF to read the full newsletter.


Measuring Infill and System Depth ith a 3 Prong Gauge

Volume 9, Issue 1 April 2019

Infilled synthetic turf systems are typically termed the 3rd generation of synthetic turf and accepted by North American Footfall in the 1990s and Football (soccer) such as UEFA in 2002 as “nearly equivalent to natural turf” for play.


Risk assessment for sports, recreational facilities and equipment

ISO / WD 22618.3:2019

The hazard identification and risk assessment approach provides significant advantages to the 179 development of new play, recreation and sport environments when used by designers, manufacturers, 180 installers, owner/operators and maintainers to assess the risks that could lead to harm to persons.


Protective Surfacing Purpose and History

Volume 21, Issue 1 January 2018

Since the dawn of human history there has been the joy of play and for the longest time elevated places to see beyond the horizon were atisfied in climbing hills or trees. Only well after the beginnings of the industrial revolution did manufactured play structures arrive raising the user directly above the ground. Download the PDF for more information


Turf Standards for Head Injury

Volume 8, Issue 1 April 2017

The issue of prevention of injury, primarily head inju-ries, has been a concern of manufacturers, designers, owners and users of synthetic turf fields. For more than 45 years impact attenuation has been measured through the use of ASTM F355, Procedure A.


Time to Prevent Concussions (TBI) in Playgrounds

Volume 8, Issue 1 September 2016

There are two very opposite views of injury preven-tion in playgrounds.


Health Effects of Tire Rubber Exposure

Volume: 7 Issue: 1 January 2015

Health Effects of Tire Rubber Exposure, Surfacing types, Loose Rubber nuggets, Synthetic turf, Moulded, Poured in Place,  Choices & Decisions Download the PDF to read the full newsletter.


Understanding Rubber Playground Surfaces

Volume: 6 Issue: 1 January 2014

The key to playground protective surfacing is the “protective” aspect first with accessibility to persons with all abilities and functional longevity a close second and third. 


Performance Based Standards

Volume: 5 Issue: 1 January 2014

Performance Based Standards should be the simplest item in the world to procure, but it never fails that the Owner, the Landscape Architect, General Contractor and others are surprised when the surface fails and the supplier says with a straight face, “it meets spec". Download the PDF to read the full newsletter.


General Contractors and Owners Part Ways

Volume: 19 Issue: 1 January 2012

General Contractors & Owners Part Ways, Failure of a playing surface to meet standards and federal or state mandates. Download the PDF to read the full newsletter.


The Sustainable Playground Protective Surface

Volume: 4 Issue: 1 February 2011

Sustainable Playground Protective Surface, Protection from Injury, Other Standards, Maintenance of Surfacing, Other Standards for Protective Surface Compliance, Protective Surfacing Design, Maintenance of Surfacing, Best Practices, Impact Attenuation , Definition of Accessible Route,  Download the PDF to read the full newsletter.


Accuracy Through Compliance to Standards & Testing