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CPA Vertical Change in Level

Vertical Change in Level

Welcome to your personal vertical change in level (VCL) gauge that can be used to measure the compliance for the accessible route in the Built Environment. The VCL has been designed to measure changes in height as required in the US 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design for all accessible routes and for playground accessible routes as required in the CSA Z614, Annex H. There are no modifications required in the device, therefore, It can also be used for compliance of an accessible route in the built environment under CSA B651.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc. manufactures the change in vertical height gauge that allows the user to test accessible routes for any accessible route within the DOJ 2010 ADA Standards or the accessible route in CSA Z614. The gauge also allows for the determination of horizontal gaps in an accessible route in either standard. There is also the ability to measure the pile height of artificial turf used in a playground on the accessible route.

Canadian Playground Advisory Inc., provides support and training programs as to how these devices are used in conjunction with the relevant standards, including the measurement and reporting of the performance requirements

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CPA Vertical Change in Level Gap

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CPA Vertical Change in Level Height

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CPA Vertical Change in Level

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CPA Vertical Change in Level

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